Halloween is coming on Thursday, 31st October 21019. Open and insightful discussions around whether to celebrate it or not have happened among staff, parents and students.There were different opinions and perspectives on this topic. The result of our discussions is to create a policy surrounding all holiday celebrations at SDIS.

Holiday celebrations are best observed at home. Sandnes International School feels that school is not the place to ‘celebrate’ holidays. However, as part of our learning stance to be internationally minded, we feel that acknowledging holidays , especially those which our students celebrate with their families, is something we value and will continue to do. However, we will not use valuable learning time during our school day to ‘celebrate’ them.

The School does acknowledge these unique learning opportunities for students to learn more about holidays , such as Halloween, and to discuss the ways of celebrating at home or in their neighborhood.

We hope you understand our position and will offer your continued, valued support.