Dear SDIS learning community, 

With great excitement and joy, I would like to announce this great news.

Sandnes International School is now an authorized IB World School for the PYP. 

The authorization is both a recognition of our accomplishment, but also an acknowledgment of the high-quality IB education we offer to our students. 

Thanks to the whole SDIS learning community for embracing the IB philosophy and demonstrating the commitment to the programme. 

Thanks to Ms. Polly for leading this adventurous journey with her expertise and dedication. 

Thanks to our staff for engaging, participating, and contributing to this process, as well as their dedication, care, and love for the children. 

Thanks to the parents for generously supporting the implementation of the program and the trust you have bestowed on us. 

Thanks to our Board for their continued support and for keeping our eyes focused on the mission and vision. 

Most importantly, I would like to say thank you to our students. We appreciate all the joy, excitement, energy, laughter, and fun you bring to school every day. You make our days brighter and our dedication to your learning and your future all the more relevant.

We are excited to embark on the journey with the PYP and continue our contribution to creating a better world through education.

Best Regards,

Yuwei Fei

Founder and Head of School


IB authorization is a rigorous process in which schools work closely with members of the IB’s Development team to complete their projected timeline.  Schools review the timeline with the consultant once candidacy is granted and throughout the process based on their implementation progress.

The authorization process is school-focused and aims to promote a culture of school readiness by allowing schools to determine their own readiness schedule, based on the satisfactory completion of authorization process milestones.