The school nurse will be at our school every Tuesday from 08.30- 15.00. She is also available via e-mail and phone.

Any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health can be directed to her.

Program for 2020-2021 School year:

Grade 1: Introduce myself to grade 1 students. Also check the height, weight, hearing, and vision of students.

School start check-up with, nurse student and parents. Both parents are welcome however not necessary.

An invitation will be sent to all the parents.

Grade 2: Vaccination of Difteri/tetanas/polio/kikhoste

Parents will receive information and a consent form prior to vaccination day.

Grade 3: Teaching sessions in the classroom with all students and teachers present. Topics including physical and mental health. Feelings,  Good/bad secrets,  prevention of sexual abuse,

Individual conservation with each student. Discussion about their well-being at home and school.  Also height and weight measuring.

Grade 5 & 6: Puberty education

Classroom Session with (SMISO) Senter against sexual abuse in Rogaland. 

Both the teacher and the school nurse present. Information will be sent home to parents prior to the session.

Grade 6: MMR vaccinations

Parents, please feel free to contact the school nurse at any time.