Student Web

A child sitting in a chair uses the student network with a tablet.

One of the most important aspects of a student’s life is having a complete overview of all their activities. Therefore, we at Sandnes International School have developed a student web portal where all students and parents can track educational activities.

There are so many activities that we conduct throughout the year, so a web student portal like ours will surely come in quite handy for you to track the progress. Without going too much into detail right away, let’s take a look at how StudentWeb functions exactly.

A parent and a student are checking the assignments on the student web.

What is Student Web?

The international student web works very simply: it is a sort of unit plan that has course guides explaining all subjects that you are learning at Sandnes International School.

There, you can also find learning materials and activities that you need to complete for the following period.

Moreover, as we also like to keep things interesting, we will also include several quizzes that you can complete to see exactly where you stand with your knowledge in a certain field.

The studentweb also has an e-post structure, as it allows you to upload your assignments once you are done with them.

Our teachers are also in love with the app, as it gives them the chance to communicate with their dear students.

Lastly, the student web is a place where you can see useful information such as your timetable, calendar, and results, as well as manage your personal portfolio.

Two people are using student web from a laptop.

Who Uses Student Web?

The great thing about student web is that both teachers and students get to use it to view all their activities.

As mentioned above, students at SDIS get to use student web as a web-based portal where they can manage their personal information, e-post documents, and track their learning progress after their admissions to the school. You can also register for various exams and change your contact information at any time.

On the other hand, if you are wondering how teachers use the application, it also has a straightforward function. On it, teachers can accept any student’s study plan, post grades, provide feedback for homework, and so on.

Therefore, it is easy to see exactly why everyone at Sandnes International School was so eager to integrate student web into our everyday educational lives.

Organisation plays one of the key roles in our structure at this international school, so we want to make things as easy as possible by keeping everything organised in one place.

How to Use and Complete the StudentWeb Log-In?

Now, for all those wondering how to log in to the student web, we have some good news – it is fairly simple, so you won’t have a problem learning the basics.

All new students at SDIS are entitled to create a studentweb account. You will receive a username and a temporary password that you can later change once you log in. Of course, to use student web, you need to be a registered student at SDIS.

So, all that you would need to log in to student web is that username and password. Once logged in, you can see everything that you need to keep your learning process organised:

  • Dashboard
  • Latest announcements
  • Navigation
  • Projects
  • E-post options
  • Edit assignments
  • Grades
  • Messaging icon
  • Profile

As you can see, StudentWeb is a multi-functional e-post app that allows you and your teachers to have a better overview of where you stand with your tasks and grades.

Moreover, we would like to say that the entire student web service is encrypted. This means that all information you provide is protected against unwanted third parties. No one from the outside without authorization can access it, so you are in safe hands.