Four international students are doing yoga as a school activity.

Sandnes International School places a high value on school activities. Simply defined, these activities teach kids values like teamwork, individual or group responsibility, physical strength, well-being, diversity, and a sense of community. We know that engaging in various school activities increases students’ sense of involvement with their school and cultivates a better learning environment. That’s why various indoor and outdoor activities are encouraged at SDIS.

School activities at SDIS, Iron Age Farm field trip.

Outdoor School Activities

Outdoor activities help students grow into caring and active individuals. So, instead of the traditional and regimented school day, SDIS encourages all of our children to be proactive. All of this is accomplished while participating in several beneficial activities throughout the school year.

Overall, outdoor learning improves kids’ learning, mental health, and well-being, but there are additional advantages:

  • Increased understanding of nature: Activities help children acquire a love and enthusiasm for nature.
  • More inclusive education: Outdoor learning encourages inclusive activities and a more positive overall mindset.
  • Better development: Taking school activities outside improves mood, confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, and overall student well-being.
  • A new way of learning: Children tend to absorb and learn more when exposed to innovative ways of teaching.
As part of SDIS's school activities, swimming lessons at Ålgård pool

Wellbeing Activities

A well-functioning psychological atmosphere is an indispensable part of our educational environment at SDIS. All students are entitled to enjoy a healthy school environment that promotes their well being as individuals. We provide all the necessary information and resources a student may need to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Any form of bullying, discrimination, violence, sexism, or racism is highly despised at SDIS. We always make sure that our students have a safe place for learning.

By encouraging good mental health and wellbeing activities, SDIS strives to develop students into resilient young people. Each school activity is designed to support the welfare of our students.

Session of Brazilian Jui Jitsu

Physical Activities for Students of All Ages

Physical education is important to everyone at SDIS. School gym activities raise all of our students’ understanding of their personal physical fitness. Building a healthy mind and a healthy body is of utmost importance.

Through physical education activities at SDIS, the kids are able to:

Enhance physical fitness

Collaborate with teammates

Learn how to use sporting equipment

Express themselves in various contexts

Activities that combine physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth skills are highly valued at SDIS. The physical activities at SDIS are meant to provide the necessary accumulation for students to lead a balanced and healthy life with a holistic perspective.

Learning about music instruments as a school activity in the classroom.

Role of the Sports Teachers

Teachers at Sandnes International School have a vital role in setting an example of thoughtfulness and kindness. They always show our students the importance of self-discipline.

As a part of our educational activities, our sports teachers promote intellectual, personal, physical, and emotional growth for all our students.

Our PE teachers exemplify athletic prowess and innovative teaching methods, serving as role models while promoting gym activities. They possess key interpersonal skills for student collaboration and exhibit patience, understanding each student’s unique needs and potential challenges.

A Holistic Approach to School Activities

We want everyone at our school to enjoy being there. Students from all over the world attend SDIS, and the most essential thing is to make everyone feel welcome and at home. Through various activities, we build trust, a sense of community, and respect among all of the students.

Mental well-being and physical fitness go hand in hand. That’s why emphasizing a holistic approach to activities that support different skills is crucial at Sandnes International School.