The Parents’ Committee/Foreldrenes Arbeidsutvalg(FAU)

The purpose of the PC is to be a democratically elected link and support between the school and the parents/guardians of the students. The PC can make suggestions to the administration and the boards concerning education, social activities, and shall work to foster a positive social environment at the school. 

The PC supports and encourages the IB program. The PC is involved in long term planning of the school and is to be informed of changes in the curriculum. The PC representatives shall provide support to the parents and classroom teachers of their respective classes. The PC may provide support to new families at the school.

Representative for the board  
Deputy board representative

Public Services For Children and Family in Sandnes

Resource center for children and families (Ressurssenter for barn og familie)

Preventive / outreach service (Forebyggende/oppsøkende tjeneste)

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