News and Updates

Sandnes International School Director Matt Manfredi Featured on Teach:Amazing Podcast!

Great News: SDIS will offer SFO for students in Grades 1-4!

Finland says SDIS is the “best school in Norway!”

We are in the news

Being together. Playing together. Laughing together. And making memories together.

Being together and playing together.

Grade 4 and 5 Field Trip

Students in fourth and fifth grade traveled to Stavanger to learn about the power of art in the midst of gentrification with the Argentinian artist Mariela Limerutti, who was revisiting her engravings made in 2008.

Introduction of Middle School Principal/MYP Coordinator

Mr. Matt Manfredi will join the team and take the role of Middle School Principal/MYP Coordinator from August 2022.

School’s future location–Figgjo

Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals for Staff

Update on Cohen

Cohen has been visiting SDIS every Tuesday for three months now. He has become quite comfortable in the Buzzy Bees classroom and with the students who I dare say have grown quite fond of him as well!

Back to normal

Referring to the press conference on Saturday, 12th February 2022, UDIR updated the new guidelines accordingly.