Secondary School

A secondary school student holding her books.

For expats seeking quality education in Norway, Sandnes International School (SDIS) offers middle and secondary school programs for students aged 13–16. As an authorized International Baccalaureate  School, we wholeheartedly align with the IB’s mission and philosophy, emphasizing active and compassionate student participation. Our commitment to innovative education has positioned us as a leading institution for lower and upper secondary education.

The Purpose and Goal of International Secondary School

At SDIS, when students reach the age of 13, they enter our lower secondary school, where they engage in more rigorous tasks aimed at molding them into positive contributors to society. Our secondary education program is designed to develop students into:

  • Global Leaders: We cultivate leadership qualities, enabling students to initiate and participate in socially responsible actions.
  • Entrepreneurs: By nurturing curiosity, we encourage students to generate innovative ideas with a positive global impact.
  • Communicators: We promote effective expression, attentive listening, and meaningful dialogue, fostering strong communication skills.

International Secondary Education in Norway

In accordance with Norwegian law, lower secondary school in Norway spans from ages 13 to 16. We base our curriculum on the IB’s Middle Years Programme (MYP), renowned for challenging students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

The MYP involves diverse classes, engaging projects, and more. SDIS is an English speaking institution, however, for students not yet proficient in English, we offer the necessary support.

Recognizing the importance of the Norwegian language, we employ teachers with specialized knowledge to ensure its integration into our educational identity. SDIS complies with Norwegian legislation, including the Norwegian Education Act, as one of the leading international secondary education schools in Norway.

The Right to Attend International Secondary Schools

We take pride in offering a smoother path to upper secondary education. Norwegian law mandates attendance at primary and secondary schools, with successful completion. Admissions close on September 25 each year.

In cases where applications exceed capacity, we prioritize based on:

  • Children of SDIS employees or board members.
  • Siblings of enrolled students.
  • Students with experience in international schools.
  • Students with at least one non-Norwegian parent.
  • Geographical proximity to the school.
  • Date of application.

In cases where a student qualifies under multiple criteria, higher priority is granted.

The Curriculum and Approach in Secondary Education

As previously mentioned, our secondary education aligns seamlessly with the standards and curriculum of the IB MYP. Our Middle Years Programme encompasses the following subject groups:

  • Language acquisition and literature
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Design

Our educational approach prioritizes innovation over rigid examinations and learning practices. We foster a positive learning environment where students build self-esteem and value diverse opinions. Our strength lies in an inclusive approach, with teachers adjusting expectations to meet the unique needs of each student.