In this post, we share the Learner Agency, the new concept in the enhanced PYP.

‘Students have voice, choice and ownership for their own learning.’

‘Children inquire, question, wonder and theorize about themselves, others and the world around them. They are keen observers and explorers. Through their experiences and interactions, they naturally develop intricate,multi-layered perceptions and understandings. Throughout the PYP, a student is an agent for their own and others’ learning through the concept of learner agency. Learner agency is connected to a student’s belief in their ability to succeed (self-efficacy).’

Recently our PYP 5 and 6 students had a unit of inquiry on ancient civilization. The line of inquiry is there are factors that influence a civilization to change over time. The key concepts are connection, change and causation. Students, in partnership with teachers, designed their own lap books and sculptures to show how these civilizations had contributed to the modern world and how history has evolved to better the world in which they live. They took the action by sharing their learning with other. In this unit, we observed the children are the agent for their own learning. They take ownership own their own learning.