Learning Support

Sandnes International School strives to help all students realize their full potential and provides an inclusive education for students who have a wide range of abilities across the learning spectrum – whether learning difficulties or stretch requirements for Gifted and Talented learners.

The Learning Support department at SDIS upholds the principles of a balanced education rooted in the firm belief in inclusion.

Inclusion Statement

We recognize that inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.  We acknowledge our responsibility in identifying and providing support for students who have Learning Support Needs which cannot be met within the parameters of the taught curriculum.

We endeavour to articulate specific practices essential to an inclusive curriculum and inclusion classrooms. 

Program Overview

The following classroom strategies generally support students with a range of Learng Support Needs: 

  • Be organized – clean orderly environment, well-planned and prepared 
  • Help students with planners, timetables, checklists, models of well-presented work, schedules, visual        aids and flow charts 
  • Simplify, break up instructions, modify/adapt tasks 
  • Vary teaching strategies in a lesson – movement, group work, individual work, etc. 
  • Personalise approaches: logbooks, open-ended tasks 
  • Be flexible if students genuinely need more time, or rest (e.g.physical impairment). 
  • Scaffold tasks 
  • Use appropriate time modifications 
  • Provision of a special assistant, as determined by PPT. 
  • Partnership with other agencies/professional bodies that can provide appropriate therapeutic or behavioural intervention or recommend specific courses of action.


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Our Programmes

At Sandnes International School, we follow the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), which 


Learning about language and learning through language are central to the curriculum.