Frequently Asked Questions
What are the school hours?
School starts at 8.30 and finishes at 14.45
Is there a cafeteria where students can eat their lunch?
No, students bring their own packed lunches and snacks and eat in their classrooms supervised by their teacher.
How big are the classes at SdIS?
All classes from Grade 1-10 have a maximum of 20 students.
Do the students wear a uniform?
How long do students spend playing each day?
Student have 75 minutes every day to play outside.
Do you offer Before and After School Clubs?
Yes. Before and After School Clubs (SFO) runs from 07.30 to 08.30 and from 15.00 until 16.30.
In addition to English, what other languages are offered for the PYP?
Norwegian. All students in Years 1-10 study Norwegian, which is the language of our host nation.
How does the school assess the students’ performance?
We have internal assessments including rubrics, anecdotal records and report cards, as well as external benchmark assessments including Norwegian National test for grade 5, 8 and 9, and International School Assessment .
What will happen after PYP 6?
We will add MYP 1 for the following school year and The following year we will add MYP 2.
What will happen to the school location after three years?
There are many options for us. We are willing to investigate each option depending on the circumstances and opportunities arise.
Is it possible to go back to Norwegian education system after few years at SdIS?
All students who attend SdIS can transfer to Norwegian schools at any point. For those who graduate grade 10 as well as those who transfer to other Norwegian schools at any time during their education. The grade 10 students will have their IB grades converted into the Norwegian system for their high school (videregående skole) applications.
Who can apply the school?

Anyone can apply to SdIS, Norwegians as well as international students. However, we can only accept students with a residence permit. If classes are close to full, we will have to apply the list of priorities listed in the admission policy. Check the admission here.