If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

–Albert Einstein

Our definition of innovation: 

Innovation is creativity is thinking of something new while staying relevant. 

The positive impact of learning through play
Learning through play is well established as a method for developing holistic skills in the early learning years. Despite the evidence, many educators have minimized the opportunities for playful learning in favor of didactic approaches. Some educational researchers have pointed out that this recalibration is needless, as experts have established that “learning through play supports the development of early literacy and numeracy skills in an integrated approach, while also cultivating children’s social, emotional, physical, and creative skills” (Marbina, Church & Tayler, 2011).
Every child is born full of creativity. Nurturing it is one of the most important things educators do. Creativity makes your students better communicators and problem solvers. It prepares them to thrive in today’s world — and to shape tomorrow’s.

Since implementing 1:1 iPads, the SAMR model has had the biggest impact on our school’s technology philosophy. SAMR stands for substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition and describes different ways to leverage technology in the classroom.

Inclusion and diversity

It takes all kinds of people from different culture backgrounds to make our school so unique. Across our school, we strengthen our commitment to making our school more inclusive and the world more just. 

our Mission

Sandnes International School aims to create a better world by providing students with a rigorous international education and opportunities to take meaningful action and lead change in a safe and positive learning environment in which learners’ needs are supported, differences are respected, and their unique qualities are valued and nurtured.

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