Christmas Holiday Message from Principal


Dear SDIS community,

Believe or not, Christmas break is here. I’m sure you’re all very excited to be heading on your holidays for this festive season. Our students deserve a well-earned break from study – they have been super-stars.

We have had a busy year, and the time has flown by so quickly. We accomplished so much in this semester.  

  • We established a functional playground which promotes students’ social and physical skills.
  • The staff work continuously towards the PYP authorization and we made significant progress.
  • More books for the library are the way to school.
  • We established the Special Education Department to meet the students’ individual needs.
  • ………….

A special highlight is the International Food Festival. It was the best with great folk dance and music from students, and delicious food. Thank you to everyone who contributed to what was a special event.

The improvement and progress indicate the school is moving in the right direction. This is contributing to the following factors.

  1. Talented Staff

I am grateful, honored and humbled to work with such a qualified, talented, dedicated and hardworking team who always put students’ well-being at first. You can find the staff’s profile here and we will keep it updated.

  1. Teamwork

Another important factor is the collective effort and teamwork from parents, teachers, staff, students, the Board and the local community.  Everyone, near and far, and who shows interest and care of the school is appreciated.  Helen Keller once said, ” Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”. It is so true.

 The Christmas holiday is a time about being with loved ones and enjoying the holiday period regardless of cultural and religious background.  As we begin the holiday season, I encourage you to reflect on the things and people who are truly important in your lives. It’s important for all of us to step back and put things into perspective and appreciate our blessings. 

I look forward to welcoming everyone back for the start of the 2020.

Best Regards,

Yuwei Fei