Dear SDIS Learning Community,

I am very proud to announce that we received very positive feedback from our IB PYP consultant after her consultation visit on Monday, 12th October, and Tuesday, 13th October. 

The consultant has described our school as ‘a tiny school with a big heart’. She highlights the following achievements. 

  • We are a strong school community that is based on respect and trust. 
  • The focus on independent learning,  critical thinking, and PYP elements is evident
  • The quality of inclusion and learning support is outstanding. 
  • Multiculturalism is the school’s strength. 
  • The school fulfills all the IB standards and practices and is ready to apply for authorization

IB PYP consultation visit is a milestone to determine our preparedness towards authorization. It is joyful to hear that we are on the right track and receive positive feedback from the IB PYP consultant. 

I would like to say thank the whole learning community, which includes, parents, students, teachers, administrators, leadership team and the Board, for the commitment you have demonstrated in implementing the PYP.  

I would also like to recognize the effort from Ms. Polly, our PYP coordinator, who has been leading us in this journey with strong purpose, passion, and inspiration. She has worked tirelessly in this process. Great appreciation to her!. 

To conclude, we are proud of our achievements. We are excited about the future that brings. 

Well done to everyone! 


Best Regards, 

Yuwei Fei

Founder and Head of school