Dear SDIS Learning Community,

On behalf of all of us at SDIS we hope you and your family are well. We recognize that this is a challenging time for our community and that you might have questions during this period of school closure and online learning. Hopefully, this message will provide you with the details and information that you need to support your child in the coming weeks. 

  • School Reopening

At this stage, we are following closely the directives from the Norwegian government. The current school closure is until 26th March. The school closure could be protracted depending on the situation. We do not know what restrictions will be imposed by the Norwegian government. We must be ready to adapt to the variables at hand.

  • Online Learning

Each week, the class teacher will publish the weekly schedule on Padlet which can be found on the school’s library home page. Please make sure students follow that schedule. 

We are committed to monitoring the plan as we execute so we can make adjustments to improve the student learning experience. As Phase 1 (implementation) comes to an end, we are looking at Phase 2 (extension/refinement) as an opportunity to further diversify activities, increase student collaboration and engagement. Thank you for your patience as we make all the necessary adjustments.

  • Parent Support

Due to the age of our students, your support and guidance will be essential for your children as they will need you to help access the learning tasks and activities. We have established the following suggested guidelines for distance learning.   

  • Each morning, read through the online learning tasks and activities with your child that have been posted on Padlet.
  • Toddle information: We will be using Toddle as our major platform for home learning during school closure. Students will be using it to upload evidence of their learning. Please make sure that you downloaded both Toddle Student and Toddle Family app. 
  • Listen to your child read to you every day.
  • Each day, engage in non-academic activities with your child and include your family. 
  • Spend some time outside as long as you are following the health dept guidelines of keeping a distance from others. 
  • Designate a place in your home, or wherever you are temporarily located, where your child can work independently on his/her assigned tasks and independent reading each day.
  • Contact your child’s teachers either by email or through Toddle Family app if you or your child have questions or if they need extra help and support. 
  • Follow the school’s Facebook Page to learn more about online learning.  
  • Downtime

The various learning platforms that we have been using (Padlet and Zoom) have handled the traffic well. However, there have been downtimes as many schools throughout the world are using the same platforms for their online learning needs. The increased traffic is one of the causes for these disruptions. We hope you will be patient during downtimes. 

  • IT Support 

If you experience any technical difficulties, you can call me at 4517 4670 or email me at 

  • Thank You

We wish to acknowledge that online learning at SDIS is made possible by the extraordinary collaborative work of our faculty and staff.  They have adapted to this new situation and are continually connecting with one another as they work to support students and develop online units of inquiry as well as engaging learning experiences that are aligned with the PYP curriculum framework.

These are challenging times for Norway and the world as we face many uncertainties. We sincerely hope you take care of yourselves and your families and rest reassured that our school is doing everything it can to support student learning in these challenging times of school closure.

In the meantime, thank you again for your continued patience and support during this time.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay healthy. 

Best Regards, 

Yuwei Fei, Head of School

Mary Kay Polly, PYP Coordinator