Interview Mrs. Velmurugan

Punitha Velmurugan


Trichy, South part of India.

Job title

Office Secretary, Admin.

Tell us about background

I was born in south India , brought up and did my schooling in all over the north. My father was working in Army so he must transfer once in every three years. I traveled all over north and hence i learned many languages like Hindi,Telugu,Marathi,Punjabi,Bengali, Malayalam.

I completed my Bachelor Degree of Commerce in Tamilnadu.  I did my CA(Inter) and Master in Human Resource. I started working in 2006 as Human Resource Officer.

I got married in 2010 and came to Norway in 2012. I have two daughters, one is studying Grade 3 in Sandnes International School and younger one is in Kindergarten.

What Inspired you to become as Administrator?

From my childhood, I loved keeping everything on track and well organised. I was a class leader during my school days, used to arrange all the events and programs  at school in a organised way. My teachers and parents appreciated me every time and  when I receive so much of applause with appreciation. I wanted to become an administrator at school. 

What is the best part of your job?

” Being an administrator  is a important role for the functioning of an entire office, and it is my job to make that happen. I am tremendously organised, enjoy making things flow more smoothly.  I stay in this career because I love doing it”. I love to work with all these beautiful little faces and thankful to SDIS for giving me an opportunity and thanks to all the staff who were being so friendly, affectionate and helpful all the time. I love being a part of SDIS.

What do you hope to achieve being an administrator?

My goal is to ensure that an organization’s activities run smoothly and efficiently. My primary goals are to direct, control and supervise the support services of the organization to facilitate its success.