The Arts in the Primary Years Programme

In order to support  the IB Programme standards and practices for the Primary Years a constructivist, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that promotes inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills and a commitment to transdisciplinary learning will lead our PYP art program.

The program will grow through a dynamic collaboration between teachers, students, parents and the community.

Besides specific art activities, art will be taught through the Units of Inquiry within the curriculum and will be embedded in everyday practices, keeping in mind that learning does not occur separated from playing.

All children carry deep curiosity and potential. This innate curiosity drives their interest to understand the world and their place within it. Our role as adults should be to promote inquisitiveness and discovery learning to empower children to use all their senses and expressions to learn.

As well as through the units of inquiry, through our art program we aim to instigate students to become aware of the need for sustainable choices and care for the environment. We will promote activities and practices that will allow students to be inspired by the environment, experiencing and exploring nature as much as possible, using natural and environmentally friendly tools and materials.

We also want our students to actively participate in the caring and organization of the school spaces. Their imagination and inventiveness will shape and continuously transform our school’s spaces.

Through experiencing different art languages such as music, drama, dance, painting, sculpture, photography, video, etc. we will thrive, collaborate, consolidate and share our learning in many creative, purposeful and fun ways.